About the Story

The little Paper Queen tells the beautiful tale of a man with an incredible imagination who one day decides to create a little woman out of paper and bring her to life. He makes a colorful paper world for her to live in filled with all sorts of wonderful paper creations. The woman is happy in her world until one day something very bad happens. Now the once beautiful world is loosing its color and not only that but there is a little evil creature that has entered the paper land and is slowly destroying it by making its own evil paper creations. Will the paper woman be able to stop this devious creature and revert the evil or will she be overcome by all the greys and blacks that are slowly overtaking the paper land? Find out in The little Paper Queen!

Sneak Peek!

Below are the first four pages of the book.

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The little  Paper Queen


Aaron R. Peters - story - Copyright 2019


Many years ago, in a land that is now mostly forgotten, there lived a man. He was a kind and gentle man, very simple and good in all his doings. He lived all by himself in a house in the middle of a beautiful vast desert.

He spent his days wandering around, thinking and, more importantly, imagining. The man's imagination was incredible. He could imagine the most unique and wonderful things that no one else would even dream about. But what he loved most, was to imagine things that were simple.

After a while, the man began to feel that something should be done with all this imagining, but what exactly should he do? Although he was not lonely, he felt the need to share his thoughts and imagination with someone else.

So, one day the man decided to create something from his imagination. He went into his workshop and looked around at all his supplies and tools. Opening one of his work bench drawers, he pulled out a simple piece of construction paper, staring at it for a long while.

Then he began. He folded the paper here and there, a few little cuts and various little snips. Some glue and perhaps a bit of thread. He added a splash of color, and after a couple more folds and cuts, it was complete. He set his paper creation down on his worktable.

There before him was an elegant figure of a paper woman. She wore red blouse with a pretty flowery skirt and had lovely, light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She was beautiful, practically perfect you might say.

As he picked her up and held her in his hands, a thought suddenly came to him. She was made of paper, and this world he lived in was . . . well, quite different. She might feel a little overwhelmed in such a place. Perhaps he should make a paper world for her? A paper world filled with all sorts of colorful paper creations for her to enjoy.

Delighted at his latest idea, the man filled his work room with stacks of paper of various colors and textures and then began to cut and snip the paper into hundreds and thousands of different types of shapes, places and creatures.

His entire workshop was now one big, colorful paper world. It took him almost a whole week to complete, but at last he was finally done. The man looked around his work room and marveled at the wonderful little world he had created. He was thrilled, and he could not wait for the paper woman to see what he had made for her.