Meet the writer

Hi, my name is Aaron Peters and I’m the writer behind the upcoming new children’s book The little Paper Queen.

I’ve been a storyteller since a young age, I guess. My first story I remember writing was called Georgy the Flat-footed Chump. It was about a little bug with big flat feet whom everybody made fun of, but ended up saving everyone in the end from a fire by using his big flat feet to stomp it out.

Since then I have tried a whole mess of storytelling over the years. Everything from full length movie screenplays, short films, a couple of short novels, poetry, a couple of children’s books, and a bunch of other short stories. But ultimately, none of these were meant to come to fruition for one reason of another.

I am really excited about this new direction in my writing and I hope The little Paper Queen is the just the beginning of many more stories to come.


Thanks for stopping by!